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Default overscan issues with HDTV caused by audio over hdmi?


I recently bought an Asus P5M-EN HDMI motherboard with onboard hdmi for use as a mythtv frontend. I've found that if I use the Xorg option "useEdid" "false" (or use a custom EDID with the extensions byte zeroed out) I can display 1280x720 perfectly, but of course this disables audio over hdmi. On the other hand, if I allow the driver to query and use the information from the Edid, audio works but there is suddenly a huge amount of overscan (at least 10%) on the display, even though the modes reported by xvidtune -show are identical in both cases. It's not clear to me whether the TV or the X driver is responsible for the overscan, but clearly it's the EDID extension (audio?) that triggers it. If it's the driver, does anyone know how the overscan can be disabled, either with xorg.conf options or edits to the EDID that would still allow me to use the audio over hdmi? The TV doesn't allow me to select hdmi video and an alternate audio source. I have not been able to find any custom modeline (as suggested in other posts) that works at all, it seems that no matter what mode I use the overscan is applied unless the EDID extensions are removed.

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Default Re: overscan issues with HDTV caused by audio over hdmi?

Overscan is a property of your TV, not the driver. Check your TV manual and/or the menus to see if it can be disabled.
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