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Default a trouble with 9200M GS.

I am developing 9200M GS 2D display driver under the vxWorks operating system ,
Now encountering a problem:

I reference the xf86-video-nv-2.1.12 source code of the x.org to develop the driver
The 8400GS and 9600GT chips are running well under the driver.However, 9200M gs chip running a problem

First of all, I in the process of transplantation code made some modifications:
1) In function G80DispPreInit() to add a statement:

pNv->reg[0x006101E8/4] = pNv->reg[0x0061D000/4];
2)original I2cAddr() function is as follows:
static CARD32 i2cAddr(const int port)
const CARD32 base = (port > 3) ? 0x0000E1E0 : 0x0000E138;
return base + port * 0x18;
modification as follows:
static CARD32 i2cAddr(const int port)
const CARD32 base = (port > 3) ? 0xE1D4 : 0x0000E138;
const CARD32 t= (port > 3) ? 0x20: 0x18
return base + port * t
The 9200M gs graphics card has two external DFP displays,
G80ReadPortMapping() function display information as follows:
G80ReadPortMapping: Connector map:
G80ReadPortMapping: Bus 0 -> DAC1
G80ReadPortMapping: Bus 1 -> DAC2
G80ReadPortMapping: Bus 2 -> SOR1
G80ReadPortMapping: Bus 4 -> SOR2
G80ReadPortMapping: Load detection: 340

My program is initialized in the section are as follows:
/*dpms set*/
if (G80Crtc[i].por == -1)
if (G80Crtc[i].type == G80DAC)
G80DacDPMSSet(&G80Crtc[i], 0);
G80SorDPMSSet(&G80Crtc[i], 0);

if (G80Crtc[i].por == -1)
/*prepart */
if (G80Crtc[i].type == G80DAC)
G80DacModeSet(&G80Crtc[i], 0);
G80SorModeSet(&G80Crtc[i], 0);

/* modeset */
if (G80Crtc[i].type == G80DAC)
G80DacModeSet(&G80Crtc[i], 1);
G80SorModeSet(&G80Crtc[i], 1);
DPRINTK("crtc%d init ok!\n",i);
After BIOS initialized DFP display that can be successfully initialized under the Driver,
and when initializing the other DFP display,function G80CrtcCommit () will be in a death cycle
the contents inside the following Registers :0x61c000,0x61c800,0x61d000 have become 0

Hope to be able to get help here.Thanks!
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