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Default Re: My new GTX295 and GTAV

i have textures on medium and still get stuttering
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Default Re: My new GTX295 and GTAV

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
I made this mistake too once.

Last gen had a great OC'ing 8800GTX then I decided ohhh a 9800 GX2 looks good in reviews... buy it. So I sold my GTX. The 9800GX2 was garbage. Some games had slow downs and pausing from the dual card in so many games but the Framerate avg was actually higher.

Sold that and bought another 8800 GTX. Sure the performance was a bit lower but the gaming experience was 400x better.

Lesson learned. I dont care how good the dual cards look on paper or reviews. They suck. Gameplay is never as good as with a single GPU.

Looks like you learned that lesson too, the hard way.
That was my attitude too mailman2. Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never again was my sworn testimony.

But now i know the GTX295 does not have any of the old sandwich card problems. (thanks to nvnews i bought one! well traded up.)

ppl need to try the GTX295 with a variety of games before saying, 'omg not again'!!!!!

hehe, I almost did that because of FO3. (HAHAHA Im' was an idiot to base anything on FO3.) So I also did a preliminary Critique of a variety of games to try and prove that either the GTX295 ROCKED or didn't rock. And found out the 295 is the Monster of the times that the 8800GTX was when it came out!!!!


Plus answer the following. Why can't you buy a GTX295 presently and why are all the reviews good? huh? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...e=&srchInDesc=

Here's (below) the preliminary I've made of a small variety of FSPs: (And no OCing CPU yet. OCing CPU will add 20% better performance!)


Critique of Games on a GTX295


Doom 3 is flawless.

F.E.A.R. Is perfect.

The F.E.A.R. Performance test is sick.
Minimum: 109
Average: 199
Maximum: 619

BF2 is flawless when running in “Single-GPU” mode. 16XQ AA is perfect. In dual mode it crashes immediately when attempting Enhanced 16xQ and 4xAA in game. Try other three GPU modes or combinations of different amounts in game AA or none in game and enhanced. But who needs more than one GTX200 in BF2 anyway?

3DMark05 is unbelievable at 1920x1200 res with 8x AA and 16xAS and scores 22,000. (NOT OCing yet!)

Crysis is fine on Very High as long as Vertical Sinc is not on.


Fallout 3 is rocking so far on Ultra Settings (Highest). I had to reinstall Windows Live or else always BSOD. I also got the latest Patch (v1.1.035) installed and that's what reminded me of having disabled Windows Live while waiting for the trade up to my GTX295. Update: (02-09-2009) The game launches fine but after several minuets of play BSOD. Before the patch it would BSOD just by launching let alone if I was lucky enough to get a save to load. If I did it would lock up and BSOD. So, I'm making progress and can launch the game at least.

Call of Duty- World at War is flawless and so fun to play! One hour into the SP and no lockups or crashes.
(02-10-2008) Three hours into the SP and no lockups or crashes. Seems the FPS is locked at 91. (02-11-2009) Five hours into no nothing. Playing the Tank part and not being afraid to shoot flame as much and as long as I wanted was a true test in itself.

Crysis Warhead is fine on Very High. I still need to try that part in the Jeep that use to always crash. IT WON'T !

And tomorrow i will try S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky. GTX280 could not play that game. I'm confident the 295 will and am definitely looking forward to the game finally working.
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Default Re: My new GTX295 and GTAV

What do you mean the 280 couldn't play Clear Sky? It was running perfectly fine on my 8800GTX.
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Default Re: My new GTX295 and GTAV

Originally Posted by wysiwyg View Post
i have textures on medium and still get stuttering
What about the draw distances? IIRC that has the most impact on VRam usage.
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