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Default Re: Do any games use 4gb

Originally Posted by jolle View Post
I ran OUT of ram with 8Gb rendering a really high density mesh from mudbox in Maya.
had to use a lower division mesh and normal map, but that worked out ok.

Also, running things in 64bit, if what Ive heard is correct, has a bit of memory overhead, so mem usage will be slightly higher.
But you generally have 4gb or more if you use a 64bit OS, so it prolly more then makes up for it..
Yeah, I haven't used Mudbox but I frequently use Zbrush which really wonders. Yeah, I'm running Vista Ultimate 64 bit so I can take advantage of the 4 gb.

Also, side note. I noticed after playing GTA4 yesterday for about 3 hours straight, my memory usage was through the roof! I only had 300 mb RAM free but once I exited GTA4 it went all the way down to 856 mb used. Possible memory leak for GTA4? I'm using nomemrestrict so it'll take all it needs.
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Default Re: Do any games use 4gb

Originally Posted by sillyeagle View Post
As to 4GB, I've heard the more video RAM you have the more system RAM you need, as the video RAM needs to reserve its own address space in RAM. Not sure if thats entirely true though.
It maps itself outside of system RAM using memory remapping feature in BIOS. But you can get normal RAM wastage if you turn it off. This should only be noticable if you have 4GB or more RAM (i.e. turned off and with 2GB RAM it would be inside 4GB but outside system memory). Normally this isn't a problem and all RAM should be available.
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Default Re: Do any games use 4gb

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
I remember load times in The Witcher improving dramatically when I upgraded to 4Gb.
Bioshock and Ep.2 load times flew for me.
Unfortunately, with source games only, i get BSOD about once a week with 4 gigs and memory remapping enabled.
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