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Default Battlefield 1943 **CONTEST**

OK, I just read through the entire thread...Codes will be sent off when the run off is complete.

Xbox 360 - Number Chosen by me : 29
Winner - Buenamos - Number picked : 32

PS3 - Number Chosen by me : 66
Runoff (People really DID NOT check if their number was already chosen..lol)

Fuku2 - 69
MDarkbladeM - 69

Fuku2 and MDarkbladeM, you have 24 hours to give me a new number between 1 and 100...PM is sent to Jakup with the new winning number for verification purposes.

If 1 person only replies with a new number, they will win.

If neither person reply, I will give the code to the next closest PS3 guess (no more guesses allowed, only applies to previous guesses..)

I am Putting this info on the first post as well...
I completely forgot to give these codes away...I have :

1 free download of BF1943 for XBox 360
1 free download of BF1943 for PS3

Both are in the form of codes. The codes and instructions to download will be PMed to each winner...

I'm lazy, so I am doing the "Guess the number between 1 and 100" deal. Both numbers have already been PMed to Jakup for verification purposes. Please note there are 2 numbers, one for 360 and one for PS3. Guesses will be cut off at 11:59 PM PST on Monday, July 12th. Winners will be notified on Tuesday July 13th via PM.

Make sure along with your number, you give what version you want (360 or PS3), or you will be disqualified.

If 2 people are within 1 of the number (for example, the number is 150 and 1 person has 149 and the other has 151), the person who has the number UNDER wins.

If 2 people tie (both guess the correct number, or both guess the same number closest to the correct number), we will have a run off and I will give a new number to Jacob and restart the contest for those people who guessed correctly.

If you have any questions, let me know in this thread.

Start Guessing!

On Any Given Sunday!

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Default Re: Battlefield 1943 **CONTEST**

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Default Re: Battlefield 1943 **CONTEST**

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Default Re: Battlefield 1943 **CONTEST**

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Default Re: Battlefield 1943 **CONTEST**

53 ps3
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Default Re: Battlefield 1943 **CONTEST**

Maybe tomorrow I'll wanna settle down, until tomorrow I'll just keep moving on...
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Default Re: Battlefield 1943 **CONTEST**

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Default Re: Battlefield 1943 **CONTEST**


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Default Re: Battlefield 1943 **CONTEST**

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Default Re: Battlefield 1943 **CONTEST**

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Default Re: Battlefield 1943 **CONTEST**

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Default Re: Battlefield 1943 **CONTEST**

Xbox 360
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