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Default Re: ***Official Killzone 2 Thread***

I just beat this game on Veteran. It was a challenge.

The effects in this game are really great. I got used to the controls. It's a solid AAA title. It's not significantly better than GoW2 or COD4.

One HUGE negative is that you can only carry one rifle at a time. This really hurts the game a lot IMO. And I really wish that guy would stop telling me to take cover when I'm getting hurt---I KNOW!

Otherwise a really good game....9.0
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Default Re: ***Official Killzone 2 Thread***

How is the SP in this game vs. Resistance 2? I really liked how interesting the weapons were to use in R2. Does KZ2 have anything interesting in it or is it pretty much a normal but great looking shooter?

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Default Re: ***Official Killzone 2 Thread***

Originally Posted by Destroy View Post
How is the SP in this game vs. Resistance 2? I really liked how interesting the weapons were to use in R2. Does KZ2 have anything interesting in it or is it pretty much a normal but great looking shooter?
KZ2 weapons are much more realistic than R2's. The electric gun is pretty fun but thats only found in one small portion of the SP. The SP in R2 has much more variety than KZ2. KZ2's multiplayer is it's strongest point.
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Default Re: ***Official Killzone 2 Thread***

The 1.27 patch that's supposed to hopefully fix the controls for us "retards" has been delayed. I intend to replay it if it actually changes things for me... Fingers crossed...
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Default Re: ***Official Killzone 2 Thread***

I finally bought this. You do get used to the controls, I have to say... aim-assist is pretty obvious, but not too horrible to remove gameplay challenge and fun. I like how down-the-sights is total free-aim and harder than just shooting from the hip...

Graphics are not that great, sorry. I own both consoles and a PC, not a fanboy, the graphics just aren't that impressive. I got Flower the same day and that amazed me more than Killzone 2 in the graphics department.

That said, it looks good... just not amazing.
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Default Re: ***Official Killzone 2 Thread***

Glad I'm not the only one who hates Rico.

Here are my thoughts on the game. I am about to finish it. I hate the controls but picked up playing again after the 1.27 patch.

I am finding the effects, environments, lighting, weather (lightning, wind, etc), lens flare, animations, lip sync and in game cut scenes are great. They use the engine and they do a good job with it.

I was finding it hard to become attached to the characters, like you do in other games, like Halo 3 or Half-Life.

The action is frantic and non-stop. It just seems like it's wave after wave of the "Higs" and they all look the same. There's 1 or 2 mini-boss types that look different, but basically you are shooting at glowing red goggled dudes the whole game.

Most of the game is in industrial areas, there's not much open outdoor stuff, like CoD4 or Halo 3. So expect tight spaces and rusty, worn, dirty type environments that are really well done.

One of the most annoying things to me was the support and constant voices from some of your "companions". I found they are totally worthless and are basically just cannon fodder. Especially Rico. I'm getting pounded and he's hiding behind a column telling me he's "taking fire" and "reloading". A few times he charged ahead and got disabled, so I had to run over and use the defrib thing on him. He really pissed me off the most.

Spoiler below (highlight):
He especially pissed me off when he charged and got Garza killed.

The other guy who you partner with, Natko was much better and actually KILLED something. Whenever the story paired me with Rico again, I was like f**k. LOL.

Overall, I would say it's worth getting if you like frantic shooters with more action than story. Don't expect lots of scenery changes or lots of vehicles. There are some cool scenes where you can use various turrets and I found the ability to carry only one weapon frustrating at times. You always have this pistol with unlimited ammo, but it takes like 10 shots to kill anything. The sniper rifle in this game is excellent. All of the weapons have a good feel to them.

I have not played online yet so I can't comment there.

I give it an 8/10 overall, but graphics are like a 9 or 10, animations are a 10.
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Default Re: ***Official Killzone 2 Thread***

Bought this yesterday. Waiting for it to get shipped to my house
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