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Default PlanetSide 2

Why is this still a mere suggestion?

This is the one genre of MMOs that can free us from the mundane *Run around... Hit something... Run around... Turn that in... Repeat*

Someone needs to not only salvage the genre but salvage this game. This game is unprecedented and unique, with creative empires and brilliant weapon/vehicle design, it is not only ripe for a well maintained MMO but a very good foundation for perhaps a new series of strategy games or single player FPS.

SoE killed SWG, and left Planetside to wither because of no maintenance or added content. Another game company needs to buy the PlanetSide title and do what SoE should have done that could make PS a historical MMO
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Default Re: PlanetSide 2

1+ for Planetside 2
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Default Re: PlanetSide 2

End of planetside beta was one of the most fun ive ever had in any game, it was a complete war going on everywhere, along side friends nothing came close to the epic battles we had that night, it was a blast. The monthly fee killed it for me though, there just wasnt enough content to interest me and make the monthly fee worth it, not to mention Everquest was still top mmo, it was hard for people to grasp paying for 2 games monthly.
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Default Re: PlanetSide 2

Planetside was a good idea, but I think it didn't take off because it was just a FPS like Battlefield *.* and you had to pay per month. Sure, your character gain levels or whatever it was (been a long time), but people don't like paying for FPS subs.

I think a PS 2 would be a great idea but with Ads or something, kinda like Quake Live.
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