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Default Red Hat 9 Hangs

Hello all, I'm having a problem with Redhat 9.0 and I hope that someone here maybe to help me solve this. I installed RH9 on a dual boot system with 2 hd's, the first is a wd80gb with winxp, and the second is a maxtor40gb with redhat 9.0. Although the installation appears to complete successfully, whenever I try to boot, it appears to load everything ok until it gets to the line, "starting firstboot". From there, my monitor looses it's signal and the computer just hangs, and I mean hangs. I've tried just letting it sit, waiting for it to error out, but nothing.
I'm able to ctrl, alt,f1 to regain my signal and it's still just sitting at "starting firstboot". I've tried another linux forum but no luck.
Have anyone else experienced this? Here's a rundown of my hardware.

asus a7n8x
pny geforce 5200 video card
256mb ram
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Do you have any USB devices plugged in? I've found a problem with RH9 that means the USB subsystem hangs the kernel. Once I unplugged any USB devices, the kernel would boot ok (after hard reboot).

RH have released newer kernels to fix this, but 2.4.20-13.9 still freezes on my machine if a USB device of any kind is plugged in.

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Are you sure it's not just X hanging? Next time you boot try this

When Grub starts exit to terminal mode, (it says how I forget exactly what it says)

And at the prompt, type

linux 3

It'll put you in runlevel 3, which is pretty much everything but X. see if you can login as root.

If that works, then you're looking at a video driver/configuration problem.
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I do have usb printer cable and usb mouse attached to my computer. I'll try disconnecting these and see if that maybe the cause of the hang up.

The only option that I have is to use the installation cd and boot to resuce mode. I've seen there where x loads successfully and just hangs. If this happens to be a configuration issue, can anyone explain to me step by step how to correct this?I opted not to install a floppy disk drive in my computer.
When booting to rescue mode, I thought that if I could use my cdrom to load the linux video drivers that would clear my issue, but I can't for the life of me mount my cdrom.
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