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Default How do you swap display 1 & 2?

Hi all,

Hopefully a simple fix for this one...
In Windows display properties for some reason it has decided to make my TV display 1 and my monitor display 2...
I want my monitor to be display 1 (it's the primary display).
How do I switch the numbers round?

NVidia GeForce 4 MX 440 SE running latest detonators...
Windows XP SP1

Many thanks
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Default Re: How do you swap display 1 & 2?

I seem to remember that if you want to make the PC monitor your primary, you can use the NVidia display settings to change it. It would be in something like "Displays" or "NVidia Displays". In any case, it will be in the NVIDIA DISPLAY settings, not the WINDOWS DISPLAY settings.

If you DO find it, it'll show an icon of a monitor next to a TV icon (these icons are very small). To change the PC monitor to the primary, click the option that has the PC monitor icon before the TV icon (left to right). Sorry I can't be more specific as I don't have my TV currently hooked up and you need for both to be connected if you're gonna change it. I have done it before so I know there is a way.
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Default Re: How do you swap display 1 & 2?

I'm not at my dual monitor system right now but I believe that you just need to check (or uncheck) the "Use this device as the primary monitor" checkbox on the "Settings" tab of the "Display Properties" window (right click on desktop and select "Properties"). Of course, you'll want to be sure that you've selected the appropriate monitor icon at the top of that page.
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Default Re: How do you swap display 1 & 2?

Hi all,
Cheers for the replies...
This seems to be an odd one to figure out...
One thing to mention is that the connection is to a scart switch before the TV and this isn't usually switched for the output from the PC (may confuse the card?)
Sometimes it identifies the two displays as 1a & 1b and also 2a & 2b, though not sure why this is...
Today it just showed my monitor in Windows display settings, as a picture of a monitor...rather than two blue boxes with 1 and 2 in...
I switched accross my TV and went to clone and it then showed two blue boxes, this time my TV as display 2 as I wanted it...
Just seems to be a matter of rebooting with the TV not switched on the Scart connection and then switching to dual or clone when going out to TV...
Switching which was primary display didn't seem to make any difference...as the monitor was always ticked as primary display....
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Default Re: How do you swap display 1 & 2?

I installed updates from MS today, one optional one was available that was the NVIDIA driver. I think I have the 8400 on a card by XFS. I have dual monitors, the main a normal flat screen and the second a flat screen TV. After the update, the number of the monitors had been swapped. I coudn't get them back using either windows preferences or the NVIDIA control program.

Here's what worked. I unplugged the HDMI input to the TV then re-booted. The desired PC monitor became #1. While the PC was still turned on, I plugged in the cable to the TV. It was recognized immediately, and it became #2.
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