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Default GF7050 - text mode VGA - no output after S3 suspend (s2ram)

A friendly "Hello" from Berlin / Germany to all Forum Members...

I have a problem using the mainboard (see signature) with onboard GF-7050.

The machine is a plain text only 64bit-debian-etch-and-a-half with assigned job to be a digital video recorder (linux VDR). Used kernel is self compiled 2.6.27 from kernel.org. Normally no VGA output is needed because the TV card has an own S-video out connected to TV.

Because tv recording is not needed all the time the machine should go into sleep mode (S3 = suspend to ram) on idle times.

The tv card drivers are unloaded, VDR daemon and some other processes are stopped and the command

"echo -n "mem" >/sys/power/state"

initiates the sleep mode. This runs perfect with one exception: The onboard VGA card does not wake up after resume.
The system wakes up and runs on without any problem, but there is no VGA output anymore. Following this one restriction is determined: If I want to make a reboot using "reboot" command, the system hangs at the moment where boot screen should appear after soft reset. I made a workaround: Setting wakeup acpi time 30 seconds in the future and make a "shutdown -hP now".

Is there a solution for this problem that VGA card isn't reinitialisized?
I do not need X so there is no X installed. Would NVIDIA linux drivers solve my problem?
A program/tool that makes a VGA-POST or anything like that would be nice to wakeup the onboard VGA adapter after returning from S3 suspend state.
I found a tool named "vgapost" but this produces segmentation faults only (perhaps because I use 64bit distribution).

ECS is not able to help: They do not guarantee any linux functionality, they asked me to try Windows
I asked them to insert a BIOS function "VGA-Post after suspend" that I've seen at many mainboards using AMI BIOS, but my mb has AWARD BIOS so they cannot examine this function. Perhaps someone knows a mainboard with onboard 7050 chipset AND AWARD BIOS with this function?

Thanks for reading this post!

Best Regards!

ECS GF7050M-M Rev2 running etch 1/2 in text mode and VDR 1.6 e-tobi
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