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Default Re: New Forms of SLIAA draw near.

Originally Posted by gstanford View Post
Just as an update to the 3dmark05/06 issue I mentioned earlier, I asked a friend for an ATi screenshot of the same general area.


You should be able to notice that the same sawtooth artifacting is present on the shadows with the ATi card, therefore this has to be a futuremark issue.
The problem is in their Cascaded Shadow Map implementation, it has very good shadow resolution 5x(2048x2048), but the shadowed area is very large so the texels can be quite big in screenspace.

In addition to that, their implementation doesn't keep same shadow texel locations in the worldspace, so shadow texels follow camera and causes very annoying temporal aliasing.

The small light bleeding under the shadowing object comes from the fact that they cast shadows from the backfaces. (from lights point of view)
This is very traditional trick to make sure that there is no shadow acne on surface, but side effect is that shadow actually starts slightly after the shadowing object ends. (additional space comes from slight depth bias when rendering the shadow map.)

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Default Re: New Forms of SLIAA draw near.

Thank you for the explanation.

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Default Re: New Forms of SLIAA draw near.

I can live without AA but since I got the GTX 285 I can finaly use some AA with my 24 1920*1200 monitor again

And of course one can see the defference between using say SSAA highest setting and
8Q / 16 MSAA. the difference is night and day and if you cant see it man you must really got a prescription glasses

Beying able to use 64Q SLIAA must be a dream come true
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Default Re: New Forms of SLIAA draw near.

Here you guys go.



These support the new SLIAA and the new ambient occlusion feature.
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Default Re: New Forms of SLIAA draw near.

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