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Default Re: Incredible NVIDIA Ocean Video

That looks exactly like the water in Crysis in DX10 mode on the last level. I was very impressed when I saw that ~1½ years ago.
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Default Re: Incredible NVIDIA Ocean Video

Implementation of Perlin Noise was very impressive.

Not enough games use procedural textures like Perlin.
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Default Re: Incredible NVIDIA Ocean Video

Wow cant wait later this year for DirectX 11
I'm no more impressed with DX11 as I am with DX10. Might look good on paper but after 2 years we see the state of DX10 (which I call a big fail). It's part of the reason why I'm still running XP (along with the fact I still like XP better), and I still don't feel like I'm missing a thing. A lot more needs to happen with the DX's than what's currently being offered. I wish opengl games would make a come back. I still think it could do everything DX does (graphic wise).
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Default Re: Incredible NVIDIA Ocean Video

Question: will the 200 cards out now be DX11 compatible. Or will you have to buy a 300 card later on?
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Default Re: Incredible NVIDIA Ocean Video

Originally Posted by zer0 View Post
have you guys played silent hunter 4?
I have, and the water effects in SH4 are as good as the op's link with the "Pacific Environments" mod.
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Default Re: Incredible NVIDIA Ocean Video

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
I think the best water I have ever seen is still Farcry: Instincts on the Xbox 360. Amazing stuff... too bad the rest of the game looked like butt.
Yeah, I remember the water in Instincts. I really can't think of anything that touches it even now. Hmm, I remember the game looking pretty arse apart from the new missions they added to it which looked really good but ran like complete crap. Probably the worse framerate I've ever seen in a 360 title.

Originally Posted by wysiwyg View Post
fishing games & interesting lmao
Sega Bass Fishing on the Dreamcast!
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