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Angry 40.41 nView menuspeed bug

nVidia still overwrites the menuspeed registry value when you use nView. I don't see why they can't just leave the menuspeed value alone. I would like to use some of the nView features but want to be able to set the value for menuspeed. nView forces either 400 or 0, nothing else!!
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I noticed I can't play nV Pinball well at 1600x1200 anymore...frames are in the 20s it looks like, ball is hard to track...
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The last time I checked, we ( nV News ) haven't said anything about these drivers. All we have done is post information and facts taken directly from the press release. I should now, I'm the one who posted it...I took extra care to avoid any case where someone might say that we were slanted or that we were praising them without having tried them. As a result, we had no complaints and nobody had any issues with the post. That is, until some mental-midget decided he was in a bad mood and wanted to go rain on someone's parade.

Unfortunately, this "seasoned-reviewer" failed to open his eyes when he read through this forum. For, if he had actually spent the time to read the posts he would see that all positive remarks are made by people outside of nV News. People wrote positive remarks when they witnessed positive results. I can't imagine how that is biased or false in any way....

There have been a few bugs which have been reported in the thread as well. It should be noted that these drivers are "Beta" and a few bugs are to be expected. Resources such as this thread provide useful feedback to NVIDIA so they can fix these issues for the final release of the driver.

Hey cmsmith, instead of being an ignorant fanboy, how about making a useful and intellignet post for once?

Further proof that some people are miserable and feel as though it is their job in life to make everyone else miserable as well....

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After setting D3D AF to 1x ( This is really essantial, since 0x is default and it's nearest-point - that's pre-Voodoo stuff! ) , which decreases speed compared to 0x in theory ( not sure in practice, since i didn't have time to test it ) , i tried 3dMark 2001 SE ( just to see how nice the improvements were )

Score increased 6% - Not bad at all

Nature FPS increased by 50% from 40 FPS to 60 FPS.

High Polycount Count ( 8 Light Sources ) remained at 10.4.

Vertex Shader test performance actually DECREASED by about 3% ( Yes, i run EVERY test twice ) - as did a few other tests who decreased by about 2% or less. In other words, nothing major, but certainly no improvement!

Conclusion? This is a GREAT driver set. However, it only gives a boost to PIXEL shaders, not Vertex Shaders, Point Sprites, ...

It is, naturally, a very welcome improvement. But i wonder... What about Geforce4 MX? I'm pretty much certain those cards hardly got any improvement here - but who knows. Anyone got such a result?

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Default nV pinball

Hey Matthyahuw whats nV pinball?

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The built in refresh fix didn't work for me.
3DMark, GTA3, and all D3D stuff just ignored what I set and went for the same refresh rate as my desktop, in any resolution.

I'm not a fan of WinXP for gaming, So I'm waiting patiently for WinME drivers. As this OS is still way better for gaming, emulators, and old dos gaming which I still enjoy.
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For the first time in forever an official Detonator release as given me problems. They were a complete distaser I wasn't even able to run one bemch mark. Plus they confused my monitor settings and wouldn't hold any settings. I had to go back to the 30.82s
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Somewhere way back on page 1 or 2 I had posted about my maximum screensize being halved. NEver did find out why that happened. I uninstalled the 40's and went back to whatever i was using before, 29.42 i think. Thing was, the bug was still there. So i had no idea what It was all about. If i wanted to I probably could have put massive chunks of my day into fixing it, but a clean OS install was an easier way. 1 hour later I was back up with XP running and everything installed. I have most of my stuff backed up on another drive so the core OS can just be reinstaled easily. Problem fixed this time. i have the whole screen to work with again.

GeForce3. The celeron 566@953 showed very little increase in any of the hi-poly scenes in 3dmark2k1SE, but low-poly's increased a tad. NAture demo went from 17 to 33fps though!! that's nearly 100% I'm sure not too many of my games will improve THAT much since my cpu is a huge bottleneck, but i'll take what I can get.
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I recived no increase either with a TI4400.
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All these comments/feedback are reeking of when the original 21.81 detonator set was released last year. God willing, in less than 2 hours I'll be able to experience these drivers myself.
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Default Re: nV pinball

Originally posted by Quale
Hey Matthyahuw whats nV pinball?

It's a small demo program that NVIDIA programmed to show off some of it's features. forceware was bundled with PNY cards if I'm correct. But soon enough, it spread upon the web which is where most people got it.

besides some smaller programs, it contained nvchess and nvpinball which were quite cool. heh
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"WHQL Certification Pending"

[b]Optimization guidelines by Koji Ashida of NVIDIA:[/b][list][*]Use fx12 instructions whenever possible[*]Use lowest pixel shader version[/list][url=http://developer.nvidia.com/docs/IO/10878/ChinaJoy2004_OptimizationAndTools.pdf]source[/url]

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