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Desperate code
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Default underclocking the card?

Is it safe to underclock cards drastically?

For example I never turn my pc off (downloading 24/7) but I am away from my pcs sometimes (I do sleep occasionally )

Ive taken to dropping the clocks on my GTX 295 to like 30mhz from like 1300 or whatever using rivatuner.

Will this damage the card?

The reason im doing this is that the card is just so ****ing noisy it drives me up the pissing wall. Ive built a lovely silent pc except for this damn graphics card

Got to be the worst buy ever after my Z-5500.
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Default Re: underclocking the card?

If it is like the GTX 280 when it is in 2d the clocks are very low already and I can't even hear the card.But I would think underclocking would not hurt it. IMO
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Default Re: underclocking the card?

I do it all the time with my 9800GTX. Makes things cooler and quieter.

You're not using all that power when surfing the internet, etc. anyway.
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Default Re: underclocking the card?

Nvidia and ATI newer cards are supposed to fold back on the power anyhow when in "2d" or "idle" mode. So I'm not sure how much benefit you will get underclocking them when they already do such things internally. If you have one of those power meter things you can plug your PC into, would be handy checking if it does make a difference.
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