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Default Ideas for a silent PC

Yep thats right. I wish to build a new pc. The con this time is that I want it to be TOTALLY silent. The GTX 295 has pissed me off to the point that I wish to build a TOTALLY silent pc. Obviously this means SSD etc.

The pc will be used for:

-Web browsing
-Watching 1080p films
-Playing some old games (though its not totally critical) like Age of empires, Serious Sam and maybe Stronghold.

Are there any CPU's that are powerful enough but don't need a fan? I have a thermalright Ultra 120a.

Size isnt really an issue and I can either stick it in a P182 case or I can budget a case (maybe even build one myself ).

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Default Re: Ideas for a silent PC

You can take a look at a fanless passive cooling solution here:


Its LGA775 compatible, but they tested it with a Socket 939 Opteron, and it actually did better than the stock AMD cooler with a fan.

When the NVIDIA ION finally comes out in a DIY solution (stand-alone motherboard), you can also look at getting one paired with a new Atom CPU. This will be fine for the tasks you mentioned, and also be completely fanless and noiseless.
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