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Default console font is not properly restored after Xorg -> VT switch

Hello everyone.

Since I upgraded my system's hardware (among others) to a 8600 GTS based card, I am having the following problem: the console font isn't restored properly when I switch from Xorg to the console. Setting it again, works fine... until I switch to Xorg and back.

This also seems to depend on the fonts size. If I use smaller fonts (lat1-08 instead of lat1-16), the problem is even worse. Most of the console is cleared black and the cursor is somewhere out of screen. Clearing brings back the cursor and stuff but the screen is oversized... meaning even though the console font is back to 8x25, more rows are being used and those above 25 are just displayed outside of the visual screen. (hard to explain)

This problem doesn't seem to be very uncommon because I have been able to find reports in this forum, the gentoo forum and even bug reports.

I have attached a bug report log to this which will hopefully help resolve this issue once and for all.

Thanks for everything in advance.

Best regards,
Matthias Dahl
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Default Re: console font is not properly restored after Xorg -> VT switch

Hey guys, this thread is from 2007 and the problem still isn't fixed. I'm using lat9w-16 fonts in my VTs and everytime I switch from X back to a VT the fonts are reset again. This is ugly like hell especially when I want to use midnight-commander inside of a VT or want to write some german umlauts. Running
/etc/init.d/consolefonts restart
everytime I switch from X to a VT is a real PITA. Come on, fix this please.
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Default Re: console font is not properly restored after Xorg -> VT switch

@Polynomial-C: please try the 180.51 NVIDIA Linux graphics driver release (see http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=131671).
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