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Default Windows 7 registry help

I have a vbs file which applies to the registry some values designed to correct the colour space for video playback (changes 6-235 to 0-255) on my HD4870. I am assuming the changes are applied to the driver or at a driver level. This worked flawlessly on my Vista 64 instal but now i am play testing the 7100 version of Windows 7 and when i run the vbs, everything goes dandily until towards the end when i get the message;

"you do not have permission to set registry value"

I don't understand why i get this. On Vista the tweak worked on the catalyst 9.3 driver so shouldn't it be the same with Windows 7 since it is also using Cats 9.3.

How do i obtain the required permission level to set the values as my user name has administrative privilages. I really would like this solved as it took me a long time to find a solution to get the fix to display the correct colour space for my monitor (and before that this colour issue has been a torn in my side since the old Riva TNT days).

Any help will be appreciated.

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