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Default Re: NVIDIA discrete marketshare up to 67%!

If ATI wants more market share or get some back from repeat Nvidia customers then they need to drop the price down significantly. Nvidia did when the 4XXX serious lauched while ATI held onto for the most part their orginal prices. With reduced prices the OEMs would flock to ATI for the discreet cards. Good numbers by Nvidia which I hope means they made a good profit too.
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Default Re: NVIDIA discrete marketshare up to 67%!

Originally Posted by Ancient76 View Post
Some bars for you

/me shrugs

Not the same thing.

It's a baseline versus advantages. You can actually make deductions against the baseline. This method is used for both marketing and for releasing numbers that may be under NDA as no specific performance numbers are presented.

Look back at Anandtech's review of the R300 when it was first previewed and absolutely demolished the previous champ, 4600ti, in performance.

The other is purely marketing, but is a good marketing tool and a lot of companies employ it.
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Default Re: NVIDIA discrete marketshare up to 67%!

Nvidia's revenue for the first quarter 09 was $664.2 million, almost triple ATI 222 million.
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