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Default Actually, Nvidia drivers for Linux are a complete mess...

I know, i know... how nice of Nvidia to release drivers for Linux, one of the few and all other excuses...

But these drivers they release... ehhh... i know of no programmer that would be glad to write that buggy code...

What are we buying? Cards without support? oooh, i thought that was Open Source that had no support and therefore it sucks... but apparently Nvidia has found a loophole, they experiment on the OpenSource community...

You know what, i have had it with Nvidia, they think they can experiment on us and ship the good drivers to the MS community... well... no more for me... i am tired of supporting a company that releases drivers for testing without saying "this is pre-alpha" if you get my point... We don't use Linux because it crashes so often, we use it because it is stable, then we taint the kernel with buggy Nvidia code and complain about how Linux crashes...

*sigh* but i guess... Nvidia will never ever think of their products as anything more than buggy crap with lots of fps... (and they don't even have that anymore, the 9800 Pro leaves the latest Nvidia offering far, far, far behind, qualitywise and performancewise)...

If Nvidia would release drivers in Open Source form, i would be happy to work with that source, and share it of course...

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Have been using the nvidia drivers since the first release for Xfree86 4.0 which was .90. The quality of the drivers has improved a LOT. Each new release became better and the last releases are actually quite good.

Most problems are not real problems. Misconfigured XF86Config file and things like that. There are not much real serious bugs left.
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Originally posted by Thunderbird
Have been using the nvidia drivers since the first release for Xfree86 4.0 which was .90. The quality of the drivers has improved a LOT. Each new release became better and the last releases are actually quite good.

Most problems are not real problems. Misconfigured XF86Config file and things like that. There are not much real serious bugs left.
OK, so you assume that most people just pretend the problems are there, they are not "real"...?

I can tell you that the problems with gaming and the problems with Maya3D are very much real, even if you are a very knowledgeble programmer (a kernel contributor) like me...

These drivers are NOT real drivers, they are NOT beta drivers, they are not even alpha drivers... let me tell you, if these drivers were for W32 they would not have been released, EVER, not even by Guru3d's beta's...

The latest releases only hang the computer 1/5 times.. great drivers... wooohooo... nice...

If Nvidia ever decides to develop REAL drivers, then mayby you should cheer, as it is now... ehhh. no...

(running Slackware linux, kernel 2.4.20 (stable) with the latest stable XFree and Fluxbox or KDE and whatever i use, it still hangs, change the driver to nv... it works)
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Old 06-11-03, 07:46 PM   #4
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I'm sorry if you're having problems.

I'm not.

And yeah, I think that if what you're doing isn't trolling, then it's at least spamming. This is the third thread I've seen you posting in, bashing the drivers in every one. Sure, it'd be nice if they were opensource, but they aren't. Either live with it, or don't start bashing them here -- that will accomplish exactly NOTHING. Writing to nVidia's top executives (there was a thread a few months back that had their address(es) posted in it), for example, might.

With that out of the way, you've sparked my curiosity. What did you contributed to the kernel?
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Old 06-12-03, 04:16 AM   #5
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Default re:

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Default be nice

it is one thing that you want the drivers to be open source. But it is another to ask that in an unfriendly way.

Be polite.
Be nice, even when things don't work.

If you are not, it is very unlikely that they (NVidia) will ever help us (Linux users).
Remember, when you bought the NVidia card nobody promised you that there would be open sourced drivers. I don't even thing they promised Linux drivers....

On the other hand, I can understand you feel bad when your system does not work. My system also hangs.....
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I made a little poll at linuxquestions.org and the feedback was in general quite satisfied. Yes, only few people - like me -were unhappy.

A kernel update may fix your problem also. It helped with me, a little. Linux is really buggy also, sometimes.

Do you have suitable grafics card for Maya? You should check from alias wavefront pages if your card is on the support list...not all cards are qualified. They are all EXPENSIVE cards which run Maya smoothly. Industrial Light and Magic is satisfied with Maya in Linux...but I dont really know which card they are using in general...but Nvidia is a good guess. There are only few others.

Maya also runs smoothly in Redhat only...and not in Redhat 9.0 necessarily at all. They should soon compile it to 9.0!!

Besides what option do we have? Ati is not that much better...some people like it, some people not.

But gaming cards are not for you. You should use Quadro workstation cards with Maya.

here is a link to qualification charts:



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well I must say.. ati helps the DRI project wich should be opensource drivers.. but I must say... (even tho I only used a GF2MX once in linux) that its much better then the support for my radeon 9000 card.. those drivers are usually so old it only works right with older linux distributions.. and if you have problems.. you are on your own.. so I must say.. as far as I know.. nvidia does a good job..
much better as much of the competition..
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This is just ridiculous. How can anyone say nvidia "is doing a good job" in writing drivers ?
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well... compared to ati they do :P

(u defineltly havent ever been stuck with ati drivers for linux :P the installing allone has already been made sooo hard :S.. and then in the end.. it just ends up with a text on your screen THE RADEON 9000 PRO IS NOT SUPPORTED BY THIS DRIVER YET...

its soooo annoying... and when you e-mail them about it they say WERE WORKING ON IT...
I have been w8ing for like 6 months now.. and I am now about to get a TI 4800 :P)
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Default No problems here...

This thread has really caused me to think about a few things...

#1 This is REALLY not the place to rant... seriously, if you want the drivers opened, then bug the execs... only the programmers visit here, and troubled users... ranting about how bad the drivers are only makes home users worried about using the drivers. As a home user who is really happy with the drivers, please stop.

#2 What is the alternative? Really, Ati drivers sux... while they are open, I would rather have an nvidia card than an Ati card under linux...

#3 For the record, alot of linux users have very few problems... I KNOW there are bug/problems/etc but, consider the user base of Linux compared to Win... I really cannot fault Nvidia for only putting mediocre drivers compared to the Win drivers... if we want better drivers, then bug the execs that Linux needs to be a bigger part of their growth strategy... As a Nforce user, I would LOVE nothing more than the audio controls available under Win... but I also know (as should you) how mch development time (money) it would take to get there.... the *only* way it is going to happen is if execs say so...

#4 What makes you certain that they *can* release their drivers open source... I know for the Nforce drivers their is pattented Dolby code in the Win drivers... and cannot be released... I would think it certain that there is some code that is at the very least protected by *trade secret* and cannot be released... asking why first might give you a better understanding of the position nvidia is in...

Lastly, I am not trying to be an apologist for Nvidia... I just think that considering the alternatives, the Nvidia drivers are pretty good... if Ati suddenly gets amaing drivers from their efforts, then I will happily agree that the Nvidia efforts are flawed, but for the time being, Nvidia leads...

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I think the bad/good ratio for nvidia drivers is prolly better then for ati drivers.. cuz I only have problems with their own drivers.. and the DRI project wich is open source is bad as well.. (installers that aint working and stuff) so I must say.. I think Nvidia is probably the best.. but I am unsure about nvidia too.. cuz I only know the GF2MX performance :P (and that was pre-installed) but I will see if I get my geforce TI 4800 tomorrow :P and if that works good as well like the gf2mx then I will post it here that ati definetly loses the driver war at the moment because I know more then 10 ppl that tried to get openGL working on ati cards.. and nobody got it to work :P (just to say something good about ati as well... my old radeon 9000 wich has no fan to cool it is GREAT :> its performance is sooo damn good.. but 2 bad its only in windows :P)
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