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Default Re: Battlestations pacific

Scendore go away & annoy someone else.

Back on topic:

I'm lovin this game, epic sea battles online are too much fun...he he
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Default Re: Battlestations pacific

This game never said it was a combat flight sim... The game is obviously focused on console gamers and sacrifices realism for gameplay balance and overall fun. I do wish there were a limit on the fire rate of the guns (ie there would be a point where you can't shoot anymore and have to wait for the gun to "cool down"). But dogfighting is tough enough in the game.
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Is he safe?
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Default Re: Battlestations pacific

Guys, I just discovered something terrible:

My Ford Taurus Wagon is an absolutely horrible Indy car. That, AND it can't haul 2 tons of stone like my dad's pickup.

What a piece of crap!

(This new reasoning is fun! Wait...I meant to say it's pathetic because it adds nothing to the discussion of mathematics. Ha! Good times!)

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