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Default fbdev ? what the hell is that

Hi Every1 , trying to get nvidia drivers working for mandrake 9. Had no probs with my old gforce2mx400 card i have g4ti4200128mb VIVO when i install mandrake it detects my card and uses FBDEV driver. If i choose Generic like my old card but in this case Gf4Ti4200(Generic) it stuffs up and ****s itself when drivers load just sits there hanging around with a blank screen ;-(
FBDEV works fine brings up x no probs but when i install nvidia drivers just hangs and in the XF86config-4 it doesnt even have DRI etc maybe FBDEV has something to do with VIVO ( my old card didnt have) enough rambling if any1 knows how to fix this prob i would be gratefull

thanx in advance
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Please post your XF86Config /-4 file so people would have a better picture of your problem.

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Driver "fbdev" is for a generic framebuffer device. It has nothing to do with VIVO.

As was said, post your XF86Config(-4) file, and also your /var/log/XFree86.0.log from a failed startx attempt.
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If using the "nv" open source driver, you need X version 4.3.0 or above to run 4Ti cards. Try using the nvidia binaries. If they don't help, or you are already using them, more information is needed to find the problem.

Hope this helps, I had the same problem.

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