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Default GTX 285 --> System hard freezes.

I've been using a GTX 260 since late last year, with nary a problem. No system crashes, though sometimes I would see texture corruption in World of Warcraft. Nothing that a game restart wouldn't fix.

Two weeks ago I bought a new GTX 285, and since then I've had maybe six system lockups. During all these lockups, World of Warcraft has been running through wine, though strangely, this hasn't happened when the game was most active during multiplayer encounters with lots of spell effects and such. Many times the game wasn't in the foreground in the screen; I'd be on another desktop messing around in IM clients or web browsing. The symptoms would be: The screen goes black, sound stops playing, and an ssh connection to the machine asks for a password, but refuses to spawn a shell. It's a system lockup so I can't run the bug report script while it's in that state, but I ran it after a fresh report. The Xorg.0.log did record the following lines:

(WW) NVIDIA(0): WAIT (2, 6, 0x8000, 0xdfff2fff, 0x00008f60)
(WW) NVIDIA(0): WAIT (1, 6, 0x8000, 0xdfff2fff, 0x00008f60)

And fortunately it prints a full kernel BUG backtrace (also attached).

At first I thought it was because the power supply wasn't rated high enough to drive the card, so I bought a 650W Antec last weekend. Then I figured it might be the 180.22 drivers I was running, so I updated to 185.18.14 (the attached logs were captured under that version). MMCONFIG is also off. Machine is a fully-updated Fedora 9.

Is this a physical problem with the new graphics card or a driver issue?
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Default Re: GTX 285 --> System hard freezes.

Bumpity bump. Any ideas anyone?
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Cool Re: GTX 285 --> System hard freezes.

Ok, had a hard time registering on the site. Anyway, I went from a 8800GTX to a GTX285, I started to have hard locks, sound loops, etc. At first I thought it was the card, RMAd it twice, same issue. Then I tried the card in my old PC and it didnt lock up!

I have tried some many things I am not sure what fixed it! I think the newest Driver helped 186.18, I first noticed improvement with the 186.08 Beta. Also I was using a usb stick as ram cache with Eboostr and read someone else had an issue with a USB drive cache so I took it out for now. I also ended up boosting my NB voltage as well.

So far all these things seemed to have fixed my issue for the most part, my system is OC and I find if I push it to the max on a hot day/night my NB overheats and I locked up. So I think the NB was causing the lock ups but again not 100% sure.

Hope this helps, seems it is a common issue! These cards are so fast I think they are pushing PC's to the max! I have heard about choppy sound problems etc.

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