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Default nvidiafb loading issues


I am trying to get framebuffer support working with nvidiafb. However, it seems to hate me.

First, note that I've stopped running all X applications and unloaded the nvidia kernel module. all these steps ahead have happened after that.

First scenario: I modprobe nvidiafb. I get a bunch of information (that looks good) in messages. Detecting displays, etc. Finally the last message "unable to set initial resolution" (sorry, paraphrased). The module is loaded, but there is no framebuffer in /proc/fb.

Seems like this happen 99% of the time.

Second scenario: By some astrological alighnment the module.. "loads":
root@jgauthier-mythtv:~# modprobe nvidiafb
Segmentation fault
root@jgauthier-mythtv:~# cat /proc/fb
0 NV1d

(yes, note segementation fault)

Now, doing nothing else.. my CPU basically has a heart attack.
09:22:36 up 7:01, 3 users, load average: 13.04, 6.08, 2.37

And so I am forced to issue CPR (hard reboot).

So, here I am! I am using the latest drivers from the public site.
Can anyone offer some suggestions?

The video card itself is a 7300GS or something.

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