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Default Screen permanently black

Suspending always worked fine in my HP tx2000 until last week didn't brought back the screen. Was using nvidia drivers 185.18.14. Rebooting and anything I tried didn't worked. I just can connect to the computer using ssh or using an external monitor.

Screen is is activated sometimes:
1. During boot I see the HP logo. Not during all the BIOS load process, just part of it.
2. When X server starts I see the Nvidia logo, just that
3. When I open lid I see the image for less than a second smoothly going into dark

What I tried
I thought that it detected that lid was closed and that was the reason screen was turned off but some testing with /proc/acpi/button/lid/LID/state revealed it works fine.

Also did some tests disabling acpi in kernel and "vbetool dpms on" "vbetool vga" "vbetool vbestate on" "vbetool post". I used vbetool vbestate save to capture state in point 3 mentioned before (when I open lid) and tryed to restore it but just got an "Function not supported".

Here is some data
Dodn't know expected output of all files. Do you see anything wrong? What can I do?

# lspci | grep VGA
00:05.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation C51 [Geforce Go 6150] (rev a2)

# grep . /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/*

# grep -R . /proc/acpi/video/*
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/TV/EDID:<not supported>
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/TV/brightness:<not supported>
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/TV/state:state: 0x1d
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/TV/state:query: 0x00
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/TV/info:device_id: 0x0200
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/TV/info UNKNOWN
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/TV/info:known by bios: no
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/LCD/EDID:<not supported>
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/LCD/brightness:levels: 19 24 29 34 39 48 55 61 71 80 100
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/LCD/brightness:current: 24
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/LCD/state:state: 0x1f
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/LCD/state:query: 0x01
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/LCD/info:device_id: 0x0118
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/LCD/info UNKNOWN
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/LCD/info:known by bios: no
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/CRT/EDID:<not supported>
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/CRT/brightness:<not supported>
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/CRT/state:state: 0x1f
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/CRT/state:query: 0x01
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/CRT/info:device_id: 0x0100
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/CRT/info UNKNOWN
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/CRT/info:known by bios: no
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/DOSOS setting: <0>
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/POST:<not supported>
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/POST_info:<not supported>
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/info:Switching heads: yes
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/info:Video ROM: no
/proc/acpi/video/UVGA/infoevice to be POSTed on boot: no
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Default Re: Screen permanently black

nvidia-bug-report.log can be found here:

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