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Default Neotoyko


NEOTOKYO - the Source mod is slated to be released to the public on July 3! The initial release of the server files will be for Windows only, but Linux support will arrive later.

- Neotokyo will be available for download at various sites and torrent.
- Download links will be released in our irc #neotokyo on gamesurge network during our release party. Then posted here and elsewhere.
- This first public release will contain 10 maps total ...all capture the ghost gametype.
- We recommend max 24 player slots. (9v9 to 12v12 are best as far as gameplay and flow). 32 players is fun but a bit spammy.
- Total size of the installer is about 900megs and unzipped is 2gigs.
- In order to run NEOTOKYO, you need to have any game that gives you the source sdk base installed.

This is the best source mod I have ever played, and a really great game. Very fun and different than CS in a lot of ways.
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Default Re: Neotoyko

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Default Re: Neotoyko

gee I wonder what inspired the music, and everything else? but it does look like a great mod.
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Default Re: Neotoyko


It's Neotokyo
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Default Re: Neotoyko

Nice. I am going to check it out.
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Default Re: Neotoyko

Originally Posted by AdamK47 View Post

It's Neotokyo
haha i c wat u did there
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Sayonara !!!
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Default Re: Neotoyko

Looks interesting

But, no samurai swords?

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Default Re: Neotoyko

Sazar..sword..gun fight...you know the drill..

I am pretty disappointed in the models though.. reminds me of the quake 2 days. Textures on the players was super blurry, and the number of polis is pretty weak too. The set's didn't look to bad detail wise but the overall feel has a high amount of ambient light and pretty poor use of shadowing and realistic lighting. However I imagin if you are a CS fan and are sick and tired of the SWAT perspective, it would be worth picking up.
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