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Question Enabling 3D Hardware Acceleration

I'm using Redhat 9.0 on a PC with a GeForce Ti4400. I installed the latest Nvidia drivers, but have never been able to enable the "Use hardware 3d acceleration" option in my video card's properties accessed through the GUI. The option is greyed out and unselectable, and has been even with the original GeForce4 driver that came with Redhat. Is this normal, or should I be able to check that option? I haven't tried any 3d games yet, but I will soon.

Also, should the video card be listed as "GeForce4 (Generic)"? in the card's properties?

Thanks for any advice.
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Most Xfree86 config programs that are bundled with linux distributions don't support nvidia's own closed source drivers. They only include support for the default "nv" driver. To use the nvidia drivers on most distributions just follow the docs and everything will work fine.
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The reason the checkbox is grayed out is because it's not based on what drivers you're using, it's based on what the program detects you have, hardware-wise. RedHat doesn't have any support for 3D on any nVidia cards (the "nv" driver is 2D-only), so they gray it out for nVidia cards. 3D still works just fine, if you use nVidia's driver.

And in fact, from the README:

Q: I've installed the driver, but my Enable 3D Acceleration checkbox is still
greyed out! What did I do wrong?

A: Most distribution-provided configuration applets aren't aware of the NVIDIA
accelerated driver, and consequently won't update themselves when you install
the driver. Your driver, if it has been installed properly, should function
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Ah, thanks! I guess I gotta read the whole readme next time... So apparently my driver is properly installed; nice.
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