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Default Nvidia Drivers failed to load GTX280. Tri-Sli

I am running the latest beta drivers : 190.38

Occasionally, from a cold boot windows will not load my drivers and one display is not used, while the other main display shows windows in 16-bit as if I have no driver.

I go into device manager and my first two GTX 280s are listed. However, my last one was read as a GTX 295? When I click them it says " Driver failed to load ".

I will have to reboot numerous times before they finally load. Sometimes I will get a 00000050 BSOD.

After a while they load no problem, system runs flawlessly.

Does this have to do with me running dual monitors on Tri-SLi?

Has anyone had this issue?

I've tried reinstalling windows. This is the ONLY driver i've installed on this windows installation ever. The problem stopped for a bit while I had reinstalled but has now returned.

I am using a DFI X58 UT MB
W3520 Xeon Processor
6GB of Corsair Dominator GT CL8 ( I've tried several other memory modules. G.Skill Trident and Corsair Dominator CL9 1866. The problem still occurs with these. )
1200 watt PCP&C PSU
Three GTX 280s in Tri-SLi.
EVGA 790I Ultra SLi
QX9770 @ 4.0ghz (1.475 vcore)
8GB of Corsair XMS3 1440mhz 9-9-9-24 (2.0 volts)
2 Velociraptors drives in Raid 0
1 Blu-ray/HD-DVD SATA drive
Apple 30"
Reserator XT.
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Default Re: Nvidia Drivers failed to load GTX280. Tri-Sli

Have you tried to run each card by itself ,to make sure all cards are working right .Are all your cards the same.I run TRI-SLI with my three BFG GTX 280's ,one of them is a OCX which is clocked at 666/1458/2400 and the other two are the plain BFG GTX 280 which are clocked at 602/1296/2214,but I checked each one out to make sure they would run at 666/1458/2400,they would actually run higher,but I just wanted to make sure they would run at OCX speeds.That way I put the fastest card in slot one ,so all three would run at 666/1458/2400 and I have never had any problems with any of the drivers loading right.I don't run dual monitors ,so that might be your problem,but that would be easy to check out ,by running just one monitor.What windows are you running.If you did a clean install ,you need to load your system drivers and at least put in service pack one ,then load the newest whql drivers.and make sure your three way sli tab is fitting good over the three cards ,and make sure when you go in the nvidia control pannel that it is set to tri-way sli and phys-x is enable.,which i am sure you have already done.
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