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Post KDE hangs up while loading X (Black Screen). nVidia GeForce 7900.


After looking for some possibles errors and missconfigurations I've finally find out what was going on with my Slackware 12.2. In order to make it more understable, my problem was (summarizing) that I wasn't able to get my KDE work with users, but I was as root. Please, notice that I'm not an expert, and even though I followed your guidelines exposed, I might be wrong or this bug should have been corrected nowadays. Let's start.

Problem: KDE 3.5.10 falls into a blackscreen after hanging up at "Initalizing system services", despite of I could get it work with another window managers such as xfce, so therefore I was sure it wasn't X related problem. Furthermore, I was able to start KDE while being root. X logs were OK, no permission problems, and users were tagged on its needed groups. // everything seemed OK, but it was really odd.


Finally, I realized that it was a nvidia driver issue, so I decided to uninstall nvidia drivers and change "nvidia" for "nv" in drivers section at xorg.conf. Then, I restarted my X daemon, and suddenly I was able to load KDE!
After that, I reinstalled nvidia drivers and everything seemed to be OK.


So, what's going on? Well, what happens is that every time I create a new user, I get the same error, so therefore I'd have to follow those steps. Well, ok, there's another way; I can copy my ~./kde home WORKING folder (in my case /root/.kde/ to /etc/skel in order to get it work properly. Fine, huh?
What I'm wondering nowadays is if this issue/bug is from nVidia or KDE. Since I'm not sure, I decided to post it here (and my apologizes If I'm wrong).

In order to make it clear for someone, I have ran nvidia-bug-report and hopefully, I hope this issue can be solved in a good way, because I did everything it was in my hand and I really don't know what's going on.

Log file can be checked at nvidia-bug-report.log.gz"]http://microgigas.com/nvidia-bug-report.log.gz[/url].

From now, I would really like to thank you for all your hard job,dun keep rocking

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Default Re: KDE hangs up while loading X (Black Screen). nVidia GeForce 7900.

I am having the exact same problem as you.

This bug only happens when you start kde without a "working" ~/.kde directory. Doesn't matter if you are running as root or as a user.

You can get kde working by using another display driver to start kde the first time. Afterwards, reinstall the nvidia driver. If you ever delete the ~/.kde directory, the problem problem will reappear.

I don't know what in the ~/.kde directory fixes the issue. I guess when you don't have that directory set up, then kde runs some extra tests on the video card. It's those tests that must be causing the kde splash screen to freeze at "initializing system services".

This bug occurs on all of these drivers:
Linux Display Driver Version 185.18.36
Linux Display Driver Version 185.18.31
Linux Display Driver Version 185.18.14

It does NOT occur on these drivers:
Linux Display Driver Version 180.60
Linux Display Driver Version 169.12

I have not tested any other drivers. It looks like the bug is specific to the 185.xx series of drivers. I haven't tested the 190.xx drivers because they are still beta. Not sure if I will investigate further. I'm planning on sticking with the 180.60 drivers and forgetting about this problem. I will post an update if I try more drivers.

This problem is related to the libGL.so library and not to the kernel module. If I remove the kernel module and change my driver line in xorg.conf from "nvidia" to "vesa" the bug persists.
I have to uninstall the 185.xx series drivers to remove all the 185.xx series libraries and then install 180.60 to get kde to start.

I'm not completely sure if it's libGL.so that is the problem but it seems to be the likely culprit. It could be one of the other libraries installed by the driver package.

I am using a 7950 gt card which is very similar to your 7900. I'm not sure if this bug only happens with the geforce 7xxx series of cards. It seems to me that it would affect all cards because it looks like an issue with libGL, but I could be wrong.

Reproducing this problem should be easy:
1 - Get a linux system with kde-3.5.10
2 - Install nvidia driver version 185.18.36
3 - Delete all hidden files and directories in your home directory; especially ~/.kde
4 - echo "exec startkde" > ~/.xinitrc && startx

It should hang at "initializing system services" for about a minute, and then the splash will disappear leaving you with a black screen. I let xorg run like this for two hours and nothing else ever happened. I also get no error messages output on the console.
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Default Re: KDE hangs up while loading X (Black Screen). nVidia GeForce 7900.

Hi every one

Exactly the same happens for me on Slackware 12.1 (KDE 3.5.9) and drivers 185.18.14 with GeForce 6800gt. I noticed, that when the splash screen hangs on "Initializing system services", the kconf_update program consumes 100% cpu. Changing driver from nvidia to nv in xorg.conf solves the problem. Now i have nvidia driver 177.82 installed, and everything is ok, so it seems to be 185.xx version related.


I also tried 185.18.36 version, with the same results (hanging on "Initializing system services").
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Default Re: KDE hangs up while loading X (Black Screen). nVidia GeForce 7900.

Hello. I posted about a similar problem in Gentoo; happens to me only when SLI is enabled (the 7950GT is basically 2 7900GTXs in SLI), still waiting for fix. Worked OK on the 180.29 drivers and broke in the 185.x and later.


There's also another link to a similar problem in that thread...so we got quite a chain now. All eyes on you Nvidia
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