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Shane M. Walton
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Default ffmpeg12vdpau expected performance

I've been trying out the VDPAU capabilities and have noticed that the h264 (ffh264vdpau) outperforms the ffmpeg12vdpau codec when viewing approproiate mpeg streams.

When viewing a Apple movie trailer at 1080p, I get next to no overhead on the CPU, but when viewing a MPEG2 (from ATSC source) at 1080i, mplayer shows ~ 33% load on a single CPU.

I've tried this on two different nVidia devices (Quadro NVS 140m) and (GeForce 8400GS [G84]) and I get the same outcome. I'm just surprised to get poorer performace when playing back an older codec like MPEG2.

Could this be a limitation on the hardware I tested, or is this just what I should expect?

NVIDIA-Linux-x86-190.25 installed.

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Stephen Warren
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Default Re: ffmpeg12vdpau expected performance

Those GPUs don't accelerate 100% of the video decoding for MPEG-2, but do for H.264. For complete details re: which GPUs accelerate 100% of decoding, please see the VDPAU section of the driver's README.
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