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Old 06-26-03, 02:33 PM   #25
Monster 3d
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I liked having a bunch of news all in one block, as well as "main" pieces of news too, but the new formatting is very sweet.
Originally posted by vampireuk
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Excellent work MUYA. I didn't think my "small" complaint would actually get the wheels turning, but I'm very pleased that it has.

keep up the great work to all the NVnews staff and friends,
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Thanks guys for the feedback, I am glad that the problem was addressed and sorted! Still can't figure out what I did wrong the first time i tried it a few weeks ago, and now when i attempted to do the same things and it works! ...amazing....I am going senile these days.
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PS - I also had a lil help with the html code by the big boss to make things even better now :P
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You're doing a fine job of scouring the Net for news. This style of "clumping" is acceptable in lieu of no news at all!

If whiny bitches are too lazy to click a headline to read the article/review for themselves, then we don't care for their "****ing" opinions anyway.

Keep up the good work.
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Originally posted by staubers21
Excellent layout, I've been coming to this site since 97, it looks better all the time. I would like to state that the SETI info should be updated, is Neil Yates still around?
Neil Yates broke off from nV News and started Envy News if I'm not mistaken....a long time ago

Join Team nV News Folding@Home Although those instructions should probably be updated too
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Looks great....really easy to find pieces of interest!
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I just wanna say that MUYA, you're doing a fine job!
You're like a robot posting all that news, heheh
I don't really mind the roundups as I read the selected news.
Keep it up!
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I've actually always liked the roundups, all in oneplace is more convenient for me. The new layout is great for quickly picking out the desired info. Great work Muya, greatly appreciated by many of us as I'm sure you know.
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I am swinging on MUYA's style now as everyone else obviously is. Considering the buttloads of news that MUYA scratches together it's really the best solution. The revised outline style is very tight indeed.
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Old 06-28-03, 04:31 AM   #34
druga runda
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Just to say - with MUYA's posts NVnews is the best source of tech related news/reviews on the net - at least from what I have seen/remembered so far... - great, I think he will bring quite a few noobs to stay with the site as they come accross NVnews
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*yoink!* I've decided to use the style MUYA is using now
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Yeah, great work MUYA, the new NVnews posting wh0re

I really like the new way of posting, even though I was a fan of the old style roundups, the new way just adds the icing to the cake.

Top stuff, and certainly a plus point for why I'll continue to stay with NVnews rather than Rage3d.
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