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Default extremely poor 2d performance with 4xxx drivers

Ok, I am sick of getting no response regarding the terrible 2d performance with the 4xxx drivers.

Here's how to reproduce this problem, and I have verified that this is the case on several different machines.

Run galeon 1.3.x. With all tabs closed(so the tab bar is gone) run the mouse through the menus. Open two or more tabs and do the same, and watch the menus crawl. Use ANY XFree driver other than the NVIDIA 4xxx drivers and this will not happen.

This is a serious problem and is preventing me from using the latest NVIDIA drivers. Fix it, or dammit, my next card will be a Radeon

Serious... I will get a Radeon...
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I notice with any version of the driver 2d is significantly slow compare to windows with the same hardware. you can see trails when moving windows on top of another windows and redraw slowness, even with 1Gh+ cpu and Geforce card.
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As not everyone knows Nvidia introduced a new 2d rendering engine in 4xxx. This was needed to fix various problems that were else unfixable and there were other reasons I don't know about ...

This renderer is not optimal yet. The 2d performance of 1.0-43xx is already a lot better than in 1.0-41xx.

Another part of the problem can be Gnome 2.x. It uses a large pixmap or something like that as the desktop which is quite slow at the moment.

Perhaps the menu crawling is related to the Xrender extension which is sometimes buggy (misrendering) and slow. Try playing with the option "NoRenderAccel".
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