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Arrow Risen

Risen has been in the making for quite a few years and it's finally coming out for the PC next week it looks awesome and I totally forgot it was coming out. Anyway here are videos and it just went GOLD. Looking forward to a rpg game for PC it's been a while



http://www.ebgames.com/Catalog/Produ...oduct_id=75270 39$ nice price too!

Hermosa Beach, Calif. - September 18, 2009 - Deep Silver Inc., a publisher of interactive entertainment software and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch Media, and the developer Piranha Bytes just announced that the RPG Risen has reached gold status for Windows PC and will be released worldwide on October 2, 2009. The game is expected to be released on the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft in North America early next year.

About Risen:
This epic role playing game is set in a medieval world on a volcanic Mediterranean island, The "Risen" story unfolds over four chapters and will offer multiple ways to develop the story by his own actions and decisions. An innovative and intuitive user control interface will support both casual and hardcore gamers. With full world streaming support, the player will have a seamless experience while playing in a fully simulated game world with authentic characters.

Update: An official updated demo of Risen has been released. Grab it here:


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Default Re: Risen

It is from the guys that made the Gothic series and hopefully will not be as buggy at release. I can't wait to try this game in 3-D!
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Elvin Presler
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Default Re: Risen

*Watches trailer...sees "Games for Windows Live" at the end*
*Crosses it off his to buy list*
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Default Re: Risen

I watched the trailer and only saw a Games for Windows logo, no GFW Live logo, so there might not be any Games for Windows stuff to worry about if that's so important. I'm buying it so I guess I'll report back as fast as I can if there's any Games for Windows Live stuff in it.

Earlier in the week I watched some German gameplay videos on youtube and it looks like Gothic 3 except with slightly better graphics and while the animations looked worse than I hoped the combat looks a lot better since the enemies kept blocking the attacks and it seemed like it could have some depth, like Gothic 1 and 2 had and 3 didn't. They mentioned in some clips that you get improved combos and such when you level up the skills, so it seriously seems like this could be a great game.

Anyway I'm very happy that all the hype for the game was localized to Germany so the game just sort of popped up a week before release now. Since it's so cheap I'll get it on release day and I'll be sure to post a bunch of screenshots and impressions.
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Default Re: Risen

looks great, so many good RPGs soon!
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Default Re: Risen

Originally Posted by Elvin Presler View Post
*Watches trailer...sees "Games for Windows Live" at the end*
*Crosses it off his to buy list*
*Read comment... saw radical nit-picking...*
*Ignored comment*
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Default Re: Risen

Heh, I just re-installed Gothic 3 and it runs a lot better with my updated system and the latest community patch so far. Man, I love how immersive it is in 3-D.
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Default Re: Risen

There is a positibe reviews of Risen , german reviews but positibe ,


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Default Re: Risen

Originally Posted by Jonelo View Post
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Default Re: Risen

Because of the bug problem with the Gothics and the close release of Dragon Age. Also, I'm still playing Drakensang(which is a very good and long traditional RPG, btw).
I am going to wait on Risen, unless the the reviews start spouting its the best RPG of all time.....then I'll just have to have it
Risen, is going into that category of games I want to play, but I save for the "lean" times of the year when there's nothing good out.
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Default Re: Risen

Ordered on Steam

Gothic3 was amazing, more please and PhysX is in there
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Default Re: Risen

I think I'll have to hold off on this till at least the first price drop on steam, I just can't buy it even if I want to. This one just came out at the wrong time and out of nowhere it seems. If this was released about 2-3 months ago I'd probably have bought it, but between all the sales and upcoming releases like Dragon Age, Uncharted 2, etc..., there is just no room for this one. Still, it looks really nice though.

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