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Default Re: ASUS EAH5870 - "Unofficial" Review

It's been almost three months since I posted in this thread, but I've been off from work for most of the past two weeks celebrating the holiday season.

Before hooking up with my guild last night in Guild Wars, I re-installed the ASUS EAH5870 along with the latest Catalyst drivers.

The graphics engine in Guild Wars is based on the DirectX 8 API and the game is certainly not the most stressful. I think that award continues to belong to Crysis

However, this gave me an opportunity to crank up the graphics to extreme settings - 2560x1600 with 4x supersampling antialising and the highest quality in-game graphics.

Other than areas where heavy smoke effects occurred, the game was perfectly playable. Even more impressive was the GPU tempearature, which hovered around 66 degrees Celsius with the fan speed at 28% capacity as shown in the thumbnail below.

Click the link below for a full size screenshot.


One feature that I value is a GPU that runs at lower temperatures and is reasonably quiet under stress. I have to admit that the Radeon 5870 meets this requirement. My experience with previous graphics cards based on high-end Radeon GPUs was they ran hot and fan noise was annoyingly loud. Not so with the 5870.

It will be interesting to see how NVIDIA's next-gen responds in this area.
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Default Re: ASUS EAH5870 - "Unofficial" Review

I just joined up and got the EA5850, this will be my first ATI card in a long time I hope I am not disappointed.
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Default Re: ASUS EAH5870 - "Unofficial" Review

Originally Posted by j0j081 View Post
I just joined up and got the EA5850, this will be my first ATI card in a long time I hope I am not disappointed.
I too also bit the bullet and purchased the XFX5870. Two generations with nvidia, now going back to my roots, after i gave up my old voodoo4, upgraded to ATi 9800pro, X1800, than x1900xt, 8800gts, 260gtx and now back to Ati again, hopefully i wont have any issues. Prior to NV cards, i loved my ati card and still think image quality was better on ati.
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Default Re: ASUS EAH5870 - "Unofficial" Review

I too have joined the ranks of ATI. Just purchased a powercolor 5870 and it should be arriving today. Can't wait to fire it up. I've been w/ Nvidia for the last 2 generations, but AMD's offering is too good to pass up. Price AND performance is second to none.

Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3 motherboard
AMD Phenom ll X4 965 BE OC'd @ 3.6GHz
Vendetta cooler 120mm fan
16GB G. Skill Ripsaw DDR3 1600MHz memory
Powercolor 5870 OC'd to 949/1255
(OC'd only when gaming of course)
11.8 Cat drivers
650W power supply
Seagate 1TB 7200RPM SATA HD
Sony dual layer 16X DVD/CD Writer
LG 8X Blu-ray Writer
HP w2408h 24" monitor running @ 1920x1200 native rez
Win 7 Ultimate 64bit
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