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Default Re: CPU cooler recommendations for Q9650 please

Originally Posted by Revs View Post
Ah, cheers. Nice looking bit of kit. What are your temps during stress tests?
Runs 60C after a few hours of Prime 95
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Default Re: CPU cooler recommendations for Q9650 please

Originally Posted by Revs View Post
You've got too many post. Time for Doc to hit the reset on yo ass!

BTW, let me/us know what you think
Yep I probably won't get it installed till Friday but it will be fun to tinker around with it and see what happens. I'll post mah results.
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Default Re: CPU cooler recommendations for Q9650 please

Well, I installed the quad and the cooler last night, along with the Zalman fan controller. The cooler works very well for the most part. Results are as follows:

Q9650@3.0Ghz(with SpeedStep)
Idle: 29*C
Load: 49*C

Q9650@3.6Ghz(1.3vCore, no SpeedStep)
Idle: 42*C
Load: 58*C

Q9650@4.05Ghz(1.4vCore, LoadLine Calibration, no SpeedStep)
Idle: 48*C
Load: 80*C

Load tests are using Orthos (x4). Temps using CoreTemp. It would seem 4.05Ghz is a little much for it, but it was still stable for a good 30mins. I didn't have time to do any longer tests, I'll do that this weekend. As with the E8400, I think I'll probably stick with 3.6Ghz as the jump to 4.05Ghz requires alot of extra volts and makes alot more heat. I might also have a go at messing with the multiplier to see if a can get a better balance. I'll post any results.

The cooler was ridiculously easy to fit. Literally 5mins to fit with only a screwdriver. The pump is noiseless as far as I can tell, which is where the SwifTech H2O kit let me down, and the supplied fan seems fine. There's also room for a another fan on the other side of the rad, which I might experiment with this weekend, too. Overall a great cooler, but obviously not as good as a custom H2O setup, but unless you're wanting to run high clocks 24/7 it's very capable, especially for the money. Pics coming soon .

EDIT: H5O Reviews >> http://www.corsair.com/products/h50/default.aspx

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