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Default VDPAU video playback latency

Latency is an issue for real-time video requirements like CCTV (or the clock on the BBC news ); what would be the impact on latency of the use of VDPAU? Does it improve it over software decoding or are there buffering issues - also if the display is synced to the video input frequency would this improve matters?

I've got an application at work where the end-to-end video latency is specified to be less than 200ms - the video will need to be displayed on a LCD panel mount pc, and I've been told that roughly 80ms of the 200ms budget would be taken up digitising the CCTV feed into an mpeg2 transport stream.
Anecdotally I've had my netbook showing live television (dvb-t) whilst the same programme has been on my CRT television (again via dvb-t); the delay on the netbook was of the order of 2 seconds. I assume that the USB stick can't introduce this sort of delay, so it must be video buffering within the processing going on on the netbook (it was an eee 701 running the standard xandros, displaying via kplayer).
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Default Re: VDPAU video playback latency

There are too many variables to give a definitive answer.

However, VDPAU shouldn't introduce latency that would make a clock or CCTV system unusable.
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