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Default 96.43.xx will suspend/hibernate exactly once on Dell D800

I just upgraded my Dell Latititude D800 from debian etch to debian lenny. Suspend to ram was working under etch. Now I can only suspend and resume successfully once per boot; a subsequent attempt to suspend hangs the machine upon (attempted) resume.

After the upgrade, the first suspend or hibernate works great. If I then try to suspend again, the suspend will seem to work, but upon resuming the display remains dark, and the computer locks up. (Keyboard dead, have to use the power button to reboot.) If I try to hibernate after an initial successful suspend or hibernate, things appear to work through the "Suspending Console" message on the screen, but then the system locks up before it writes the image to disk. This behavior is quite repeatable.

I've tried the nvidia driver 96.43.07-2 from debian (stock lenny) as well as 96.43.13+1-1 from debian sid. They seem to behave identically.

I've tried with NvAGP set to 0, 1, and 2. All seem to behave similarly w.r.t. suspension/hibernation.

I've tried configuring pm-utils to use uswsusp and the kernel ACPI methods of shutdown. Both behave similarly.

If, after each suspend/resume, I stop and restart X, the next suspend/resume will work.

When X is not running, the system will hibernate to disk (repeatedly) without trouble. I can't get the video to come back after suspend to ram (without X running), but otherwise I can suspend multiple times as well. (I vaguely remember that this was the case under etch as well.)

If I use xorg's nv driver, hibernating works just fine. But the video does not get restored (stays black) after a suspend.

So close ... yet so close ...

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