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Default Cannot compile 190.42 on Xen kernel, 185.18.36 does compile


With the 185.18.36 drivers I could use the following command to compile the nvidia.ko module for running under a Xen dom0 patched (not pv_ops) kernel.

IGNORE_XEN_PRESENCE=y SYSSRC=/usr/src/linux-2.6.31-xen-r7 make module

And having loaded the module the drivers work ok, but on kernels newer than 2.6.29 I've had stability problems so wanted to try the latest version, but using the 190.42 drivers on newer kernels the compile is successful but the module cannot be loaded because init_mm is no longer exported:

Nov 2 08:05:59 ubermicro kernel: nvidia: Unknown symbol init_mm

From reading some of the source comments I believe other calls have been added which can be used to replace init_mm and I might be able to make the necessary patch to use them, but looking at the diff between the open source parts of the two driver versions I am struggling to find which call(s) it is in the Xen specific codepath that are then calling init_mm, the drivers compile ok on vanilla kernels so it has to be something specific to the Xen support in the 190.x series.

I notice that nv-xen.h has been added so it appears that Xen support has been improved or changed a little in the 190.x series, can you help me to compile the drivers on a 2.6.31 Xen dom0 kernel? or hint as to where I might find and patch the offending call?

The forward ported Xen patches are maintained by openSUSE and I regularly rebase them for use with vanilla kernel.org (without having to apply all the other patches that opensuse include), you can find my most recent patches at http://code.google.com/p/gentoo-xen-...downloads/list , if you are not using gentoo simply apply the patches to in numeric order with -p1 and you will have a Xen dom0 kernel tree to test the compile against.

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Default Re: Cannot compile 190.42 on Xen kernel, 185.18.36 does compile

There's another trhead about xen and nvidia,current
nvidia driver doesn't work with xen(panic or not compile)
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