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Default Game Explorer

How do I put games into Win 7's Game Explorer? I don't just want a shortcut, I want to be able to view the details and the whole nine yards..
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Default Re: Game Explorer

hm my thought was that the games that display all of that information contained code designed for the games explorer. I wish every game supported it automatically but it seems only some games do provide this support.
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Default Re: Game Explorer

It sucks in Windows 7. You can't edit stuff and change the profile like you could in Vista. I don't know what they were thinking. It's a step backwards and a butchered version of the Vista one, which worked quite well.

You can add a game, sure, but not all the info like the games that get automatically put there. There are some 3rd party editors out there.
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Default Re: Game Explorer

Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC View Post
How do I put games into Win 7's Game Explorer? I don't just want a shortcut, I want to be able to view the details and the whole nine yards..
simply, you don't.(only thing that you can do is add shortcut) GDF holds the game info and it is made by the game publisher.

plus game explorer in 7 took couple steps back compared to vista.
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Default Re: Game Explorer

After getting used to Windows 7 for a bit and tweaking it the way I'm wanting it, I've found that for me the Games Explorer is pretty worthless. I don't care about the advertising info, I already know all that stuff. It's just fluff to me. I don't like for one, that the game has to be in sync with Microsoft to even get in there and two, the shortcut cannot be edited. Like for instance if you want to put a command line entry after the game location like "+disconnect" in Doom 3 and Quake 4 to get rid of game entry videos.

I have made my own game shortcut folder where I put in and edit all my game shortcuts till my heart's content. Put it in the Quick Launch Toolbar and I now have something that is functional to me.
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Default Re: Game Explorer

Yep I think that games folder is pretty useless myself.
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