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Default TV-Out doesn't work for me since version 2880


I just upgraded the nvidia driver to the latest version (4363) and lost all TV-Out functionality. I only get a light blue screen on my TV.

Until now I have used version 2880 of the driver, which worked just fine. I tried installing a 3xxx version a while back, which led to the same error I have now, so I returned to 2880. Since the problem is still not fixed in the newest driver, I thought I'd report it.

I'm running Debian testing (sarge) with standard 2.4.20-Kernel and have a GeForce 460 MX.

Everything works fine with 2880. The 4363 works nicely on my monitor, only the TV-Out fails, although I didn't touch the X config file.

I'll post the config file and log later since I'm at work right now.
Any help would be much appreciated, otherwise I'll switch back to 2880 again.


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I have never been able to initialize the TV-Out on X startup.

Search freshmeat.net for a program called nvtv. It allows you to enable TV while X is already running. I got it working for every driver version yet.

Marc Thoben
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I tried out nvtv, which only produced garbage on mv TV. Shortly after that I read in the nvtv documentation that the GeForce4 MX chipsets are (pretty much the only ones that are) not supported. Isn't that great!

Thank God the 1.0-2880-version is working just fine for me! Otherwise I would have probably thrown out my nvidia card by now.

I just don't get how a perfectly working feature can just disappear from the driver without anybody at nvidia noticing or caring about it for more than one year!

It seems everybody is working on 3d acceleration and nobody cares about tv-out anymore.
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