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Default Weird graphic failures on startx -> crash (pictures, long)

Hi there.

I have a weird problem with starting X. 4 out of 5 times I get bad graphic failures:

A bit zoomed picture is here.

If I happen to be fast enough to either switch back to console or press CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE, I get this view:

If I don't switch/kill fast enough:

Requested Information:
1. Asus geForce3 V8200 Deluxe (VIVO) (no Ti200 or Ti500, the one released before that tuning phase.)
2. Driver: 1.0-4363
3. GNU/LFS 4.1
4. Bios:
5. AthlonXP 1800+
6. Epox 8KTA3+ (KT-133A)
(Verbose Logfile and Configfile are attached.)

Further Information (long):
First of all, I have no problem whatsoever running Windows2K. Not even a single lockup for at least 3 month. And I played GTA3 Vice City, RTCW: Enemy Territory and a few older games quite often.

Second, I have another computer running a GNU/LFS (same version -> same libs, but gcc 3.2.2 instead.). That computer has a Asus geForce2 V7700 Deluxe (VIVO) on a ECS K7S5A (SIS-730) and I have never seen this problem. To be honest, the nvidia driver is really stable on that system. Since that other computer is located somewhere else right now, I cannot switch the cards, but I will dio it this weekend.

Indepth description of the problem:
This problem occures when I use startx or xdm. My windowmanager is CTWM. If starting X succeeds, X runs fine, until I change to another virtual desktop. A slow change might work, but changing virtual desktop twice in 1 seconds, X crashes the same way.
When I start XFree86 by just executing "X" (no window manager starts) the chance of a running system is better, I'd say "only" 2 out of 5 starts crash. So I tried different window managers, that didn't help. Again, the same window manager runs fine on that other computer.

Further: I also have GNU/Debian Sarge installed. Once I upgraded to Sid, and I had exactly the same problem. So I downgraded to Sarge, and the problem was gone. But recently Sarge seems to have updated a lot, now I have this problem again, even in Sarge.

If the graphic failure occures, I change to console quickly enough and try to start X again, the system dies with a black screen.

What I tried on hardware:
I removed all other cards from my computer and cleaned the agp contacts of the geForce3 with a rubber.
In bios I disabled agp 4x, slowed down memory, set all possible waitstates, disabled all onboard devices.

What I tried on software:
I tried the following drivers: 1.0-3129, 1.0-4191, 1.0-4363
I tried the following versions of XFree86:, 4.3.0, 4.2.1
I tried the following kernel: 2.4.20 and 2.4.21
I used different window managers: ctwm, twm, window maker
I played with the XF86Config:
- I removed all extensions from the module section.
- NvAGP 0-3 (agpgart is compiled as module.)
- RenderAccel false/true
- NoRenderExtension false/true
- NoAccel false/true
- NvLogo false/true

My GNU/LFS Specs
linux-kernel-2.4.21 (tried 2.4.20)
fontconfig-2.2.90 (tried 2.2.0, 2.2.1)
xfree- (tried 4.2.1, 4.3.0)
nvidia_glx-1.0-4363 (tried 1.0-3123, 1.0-4191)
nvidia_kernel-1.0-4363 (tried 1.0-3123, 1.0-4191)

What I am doing now:
Since the opensource nv driver has some weird behaviour concerning the new xcursors, I run your driver again. I reboot the system until finally X won't die on startup and I disabled virtual desktops in CTWM.

Please, help me. Anything there is to debug or try ? I will do it ;-)

Marc Thoben
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File Type: log xfree86.0.log (30.1 KB, 157 views)
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Oops, only one attachment at a time... Here is my Configfile:
Attached Files
File Type: txt xf86config.txt (6.6 KB, 164 views)
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Well, I just took my trip earlier and put the geForce3 into that computer with the ECS K7S5A board. Guess what ? This computer crashes "only" 1 out of 5 times. And !? I can switch virtual desktops as much and as fast as I want... With no crash at all.

So, maybe my Epox 8KTA3+ is too aggressive _and_ the card is defect or the driver doesn't work with this geForce3.

Now, that gives me the rest...

Any DEVs want to comment on this ?
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Ooooookey. Personally I hate to reply to my own posting, but hey, who cares ?! Nobody's answering anyway... Are there NVidia Linux Developers reading this forum ? Not even a "Sorry, we have no idea"...

This is what I got so far:

With the ECS K7S5A and 1.0-4191 driver:
- Asus geForce2 V7700 Deluxe runs very smooth, even with sba and fastwrite enabled.
- Asus geForce3 V8200 Deluxe crashes the computer on startx 1 out of 5 times.
- Elsa geForce3 Ti200 Gladiac 721 doesn't even start X at all, it shows weird garbled things in console mode.

This is really... I don't know...

Analysing XFree86.0.log shows, that the Gladiac kills the computer at the point where normally AGP is initialised. Don't tell me I have to limit AGP speed ?! LOL, what if I just bought a AGP 8X card ? Set it to AGP1x ? Oh gee... But hey, in that case I have at least an idea what could be wrong... With the V8200 it just dies...

I'm really disappointed. I used to tell people to buy NVidia, because of their drivers... But now ? I feel like thrown back to the time with my Riva TNT, as the windows drivers were still beta...

*nailing 2 geforces to the wall* No use anymore..

Marc Thoben
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