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Question Big Trouble with nvidia Driver Ubuntu/Karmic

for 4 years I own a Samsung M50 laptop with a nvidia "Go 6600" graphics card (nv43) running Ubuntu Breezy Badger and later.

I mostly used the proprietary driver and have nearly never experienced bigger trouble - well, until now.

With Ubuntu Jaunty I used the NVIDIA-Linux-x86-180.51-pkg. Newer drivers (even the Version 185.18) did not work out properly, the screen always remained black.

Unfortunally, with the upgrade to karmic neither Version 180.51, 185.18 nor 190.53 and not even the nv-driver works properly.

One strange thing is, that there is not even one error in the Xorg.0.log file. When the computer comes up, I can see the nvidia-logo in a proper resolution for a few seconds (190.53). But then the screen gets black again and remains in that state. The log file says, that the card is up and running, well ..

Did anyone here experience a similar problem or does someone know, how to get more information into the log file? Since I can access the computer via the console or ssh, I could check out things - but I don't know, where to start and what exactly I could try.

For 4 years I was so happy with this laptop, this card and ubuntu - but now its the exact opposite. The computer gets useless

Would be nice if someone here has an idea, what to test.


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Default Re: Big Trouble with nvidia Driver Ubuntu/Karmic

I am French and i don't speak english very well.

I have Samsung M50 (Go6600 128 MB) since 3 years and I have ever NVIDIA driver 73.34 because all driver are more hot = noise ventillator.

With 73.34 under XP = 122 Fahrenheit and under game = 158 Fahrenheit

With other driver XP = 140 Fahrenheit = noise ventillator under XP.

I love quietness under Windows XP and I play very little so I have ever NVIDIA driver 73.34.

If you have a good NVIDIA driver for Samsung M50 who isn't more hot under Windows XP, can you give me please ?

I don't find the last driver, if you have a very good driver 8x.XX or 9X.XX ?

My laptop under Windows XP:

Samsung M50
PentiumM 740 1.73 Ghz
Go 6600 128 MB
HDD 80 go
1,5 go memory
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Default Re: Big Trouble with nvidia Driver Ubuntu/Karmic


as the logo comes up, this sounds to me like a problem with gdm/kdm.

Could you please try to stop gdm/kdm, switch to a terminal, log in and start X with the startx command?

If this works: probably there is a configuration error with kdm/gdm. My best guess is the well known initialization problem with some cards, for which you have to increase the timeout for gdm/kdm.

You find information on this issue in this forum, written by me and by other users.

But first, please try starting X without gdm/kdm.

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