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Default Anyone like 9x over NT?

Does anyone here like the 9x OSes like 95/98/Me over the NT line NT4/2000/XP?

I was always fond of NT's stability, but I find that 9x is pretty stable too if you know how to use a PC correctly. I have been using a dual boot configuration and I have yet to crash a heavily used WinME install. I have loaded this install with everything. I went back a couple days and installed Quake 2 for some LAN games, I then decided to play the single player campaign again. Besides the dumb AI, the carnage and gameplay are quite fun. Under NT I will always get a save game error because of the way NT relocates DLL files your save games become corrupt, under ME I have no problems at all.

I mean for the gamer and occasional homework using PC that I do, I think 9x stability is fine. The way as it goes now, NT based OSes will completely take over and eventually that trusty 98SE won't install on a new PC as companies won't produce new drivers for new hardware, thanks to MS pulling support of 9x. I get stuttering gameplay under XP, its far less stable than what Windows 2000 offered, probably due to immature drivers but its been a year now. I mean NT would be nice but there are just too many quirks like Win2k's gaming incompatibility, XP's activation and poor performance on some PCs.

What do you guys think? Any 9x loyalists out there?
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Not me

9x has always been nothing but trouble for me.

Nt4 was a godsend

and ive been using nt almost ever since
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Me either. While Win 9x never gave me much trouble on any computer I've used, 2000 and XP have been completely trouble free. Any 2000 compatibility issues have been addressed to my satisfaction by XP.

The stability and control I get with NT5 has been great enough where I don't feel any need to run a dual-boot.
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Its me! Hurray!
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I prefer 9x... but will go NT after my next reinstall... with 9x support now being a secondary priority for software developers I don't have much choice.
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I can't stand 9x. My parents' computers have 98SE installed on them, and their programs are always crashing. And of course Win9x usually trashes your system when it crashes, because of the way it handles memory.

I had some compatibility issues with Win2k when it first came out, but this time when I installed it, everything runs perfectly, and much smoother than it ran on WinXP.
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The 9x/ME os's need continual maint and app setup.
They are pretty much a toy, in the world of real os's (xp, 2k, nt, nix, etc...).
Get them a copy of 2k and they will worship you. Even better if you could get them to run Linux.... fat chance huh?
But, beware that untill a certain ver came out, nt had the gui in ring3, and that means that games will suck quite badly. The last ver of NT, every ver of 2k, and same of xp, has the gui in ring1, if I'm not mistaken. This is what makes the games fly. But the trade is a bit of a security and a slight stability drop. That's ok by me. My xp boxes are for games.
By the way, go to a command prompt in xp, and type ver.
Xp is NT5.1
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