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Default 3D Vision Emitter & QBS

We have a 3D Vision setup, and the glasses aren't toggling.

Monitor is the Alienware, running at 120 Hz, 1080p
Card is a Quadro 5600
Quad Buffered Visuals show up as active, and OSG and glxgears seem fine with QBS.
GLXGears stereo renders at 120Hz, so v-sync is on correctly.
We're in stereo mode 10 - no errors in the X log, and the emitter is detected as activated.
We see a 'doubled' image, and if we switch down to 60Hz it's flickery.
The center pin of the Vesa to sub-min cable shows a 5V 60Hz signal.
VESA (from 5600) and USB are connected to emitter.
The emitter is 'on' - light green from USB being enabled, bright green when stereo is enabled.
My iPhone camera shows IR LEDs active.
Glasses turn on with green light.

The *only* time I've seen the glasses toggle/flash is when I invert eyes in Nvidia-settings - sometimes there's a 10 cycle flash back and forth, not really in sync.

Anything else? Do I have dead glasses or an emitter?


Bruce Wheaton
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Default Re: 3D Vision Emitter & QBS

I would suggest contacting the nvdeveloper support people. They should be able to put you in contact with someone who can help solve your problem if it really is a hardware problem. The only thing I can suggest is making sure that fluorescent lights and other emitters are not interfering with the IR signal. Do you have a different emitter or pair of glasses you can try?
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