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Default Re: NVIDIA driver on x86_64 freezing X

Originally Posted by const.crist View Post
I could do it but, since the _machine_ crashes while this log is being dumped to the fs, after the reboot the file contains rubbish. (lots of '\0' for example). I do not think it is very useful.
I'm very interested in learning more about this crash during installation, because at least one other user has reported it, yet I have not yet seen any problems installing the driver with the 64-bit kernels reported.

You can make a small script that makes backup copies of the installer log, for example:

cp /path/to/nvidia-installer.log /path/to/backup/dir/nvinstall-`date +%s%N`.log
and then call that script using "watch" and a very small interval (on my system, setting the interval to 0 makes watch run every .1 seconds).

If you're using a new fancy filesystem that defers writes, you might want to try writing the log to another filesystem. You can set an alternate path to write the log (the default is /var/log/nvidia-installer.log) with the --log-file-name=LOG-FILE-NAME option to the NVIDIA installer.
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