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Post GPU PhysX in Metro 2033 Comparison Video

Zogrim over at PhysXinfo.com has done a really nice GPU PhysX comparison for Metro 2033, showing off what the PhysX effects look like with PhysX enabled and disabled. Like all of Zogrim's PhysX comparison videos he does a split screen side by side comparison showing what the PhysX effects look like in the game with PhysX On and PhysX off along with normal full screen footage of PhysX on and PhysX off showing off the impressive PhysX effects in Metro 2033.

We have bee excited for Metro 2033 since it was announced it would feature advanced PhysX effects and be a PhysX and graphics showcase when released. In this video you can finally see all the awesome PhysX effects in action in the game. From particle effects, impact debris, grenade explosions,
smoke and fluid effects, this GPU PhysX comparison video for Metro 2033 covers it all.

be sure to check out the previous posts we have made about Metro 2033:

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From the PhysXinfo.com YouTube page and Metro 2033 GPU PhysX comparison video:
Additional physics effects in Metro 2033 title for PC. 'Advanced PhysX OFF' vs 'Advanced PhysX ON'. Graphics settings ' High, DX10. Watching in HD is highly recommended.

GPU PhysX in Metro 2033:

Be sure to check out PhysXinfo.com for more PhysX information on all the latest PhysX enabled games.

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