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Default Re: tearing with vdpau on multi-monitor setup

After further investigation, I found that the tearing is only present in Smplayer, not mplayer, and only when viewing videos in full screen, plus using vdpau.

The only difference in the mplayer invocation is the "-wid" parameter.
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Default Re: tearing with vdpau on multi-monitor setup

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
Please see the README, e.g. here:


and search for the description of "VDPAU_NVIDIA_SYNC_DISPLAY_DEVICE".
I suppose it would be helpful if this option were removed and only the "Sync to this display device" from nvidia-settings were used. This situation is rather confusing.
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Default Re: tearing with vdpau on multi-monitor setup

It's now half way through 2012, I'm using a GTX 460, I have a Dell U2711 as my primary monitor and a 42-inch Sony TV as my secondary monitor, and this issue is unresolved (as far as I can tell).

When I boot into Windows 7, everything works fine, dual-monitor is flawless, zero tearing when playing YouTube or movies on either monitor.

When I boot into Ubuntu 12.04 (64-bit) running either the 290.10, 295.59 or 302.07 binary drivers, I get a slow tearing effect on the Sony TV (TwinView mode). This tear slowly moves from top to bottom. Very annoying, forces me to use Windows 7.

I would pay for a solution to this, as I love using Ubuntu 12.04 and really want to return to using it at home. It's getting close to the time I usually upgrade my graphics card. After buying nVidia my entire life (and recommending nVidia to my friends), I'm now seriously considering buying an AMD Radeon next time, just to see if it makes any difference.

I've read in various Ubuntu forums that the problem with TwinView is the card cannot sync to two monitors in TwinView unless each monitor has the exact refresh rates. I've tried so many suggested fixes, nothing works.
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Default Re: tearing with vdpau on multi-monitor setup

You have to talk to the compiz guys. They're going to ignore you though because they don't develop for the binary driver.

Or are you also having the problem when you don't use a composited window manager?

I've had a tear-free desktop even back when I had displays of different refresh rates...

...until Ubuntu 12.04.
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