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Default GTX 470 default auto fan profile

I was just curious what the defualt auto fan profile looked like compared to the one I created (using Afterburner).
It looks to me like nVidia set the card to run at a constant 90C. Maybe they were concerned that the fan noise was going to hurt them?
My manually created auto profile shaves off 14C for an additional 11% fan speed increase, and also ramps up in a more linear fashion.
I don't know, I'm just not comfortable with a constant 90C, although nVidia obviously is.


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Default Re: GTX 470 default auto fan profile

Very nice. Just got my card delivered 5min ago so I'll have to download afterburner tonight and mess around with it.
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Default Re: GTX 470 default auto fan profile

I didn't give the default fan profile a chance. When I got the 470 in, I checked GPU-Z and fan was at 40% and idle temp was already in the 60s. Set the fan speed to just a constant 65% in Precision, and it idles between 52-55C now, and never seen load temp go above 78C when playing games.

Not tried afterburner yet though, might have a play with it sometime.
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