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Post Create & Manage Snapshot-Based Backups With Comodo Time Machine

The other day I wrote about Back In Time which takes snapshots of the configured folders and keeps track of various versions over a period of time, before you need them to restore your system back in time. In which case, it simply requires you find the right version and then click on restore. I actually quite like the idea of maintaining a history of sorts for the important folders that you care about.

So I started to hunt for a similar solution to backup data and files for Windows as that would be familiar territory for most of our readers. The search finally ended on Comodo Time Machine, which I have to admit is even better than Back In Time. Once downloaded and installed, fire it up and let's see what CTM has to offer.

By default, Comodo Time Machine opens up a 'Quick Operations' window, where you can choose to Restore a System, Take a new snapshot or fire up the advanced mode.

Using Comodo Time Machine to Backup Data and Files

If you have invoked Time Machine for the first time you would of course want to create a snapshot first. Go ahead and choose the snapshot option and Time Machine sets to work. The first snapshot takes some time depending upon the amount of data it has to keep account of, subsequent snapshots should be quicker.

Once the snapshot has been created it will appear in the snapshot timeline, giving you a good indication of when you started using Comodo Time Machine, all the snapshots that you have created since then and the current state of the system as well.

You can manage the snapshots from this very screen as well. You can quickly delete a snapshot, lock it (it cannot be deleted then) or unlock it. You can also right click on a snapshot and mount it to view what files and which version of files are present in the snapshot.

Another great feature of Comodo Time Machine is that you can schedule snapshot creation as well as restoring from a snapshot. Head over to the scheduled tasks tab and you can choose between either kind of scheduled task. You can also manage all the existing scheduled tasks from this screen.

Restoring your computer to a previous snapshot is just as easy, all you have to do is choose the appropriate snapshot from within the Restore System tab, click next, verify if it is indeed the snapshot you were looking for and click Reboot. Your computer will reboot and Comodo Time Machine will restore it back to the snapshot state. You will be able to view the changes the next time you log into your computer.

Comodo Time Machine also lets you recover individual files from a snapshot if you so please. You just have to enter a part of the filename and the snapshot you want to recover from and Comodo Time Machine will give you the very version contained within that particular snapshot. Of course you can visit the timeline view and mount individual snapshots and copy paste a single file as well.

In addition to all this you can also tweak certain aspects of the software via Settings. You can for example tell Comodo Time Machine to delete all snapshots that are x days old or to take a snapshot on every system startup and the likes.

Comodo Time Machine is an excellent software if you favor the snapshot method to backup data and files. It is feature rich and works well and efficiently. Do you know of any other similar software?

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