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Default X vidmode colour settings also affect VDPAU colour

It seems that changing the colour settings for the entire X server via the X vidmode utility also affects VDPAU.

Is this desired behaviour? Should VDPAU not use it's own defined colour settings?
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Stephen Warren
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Default Re: X vidmode colour settings also affect VDPAU colour

Unfortunately, the situation is a bit more complicated. The settings only affect the blit-based presentation queue but not the overlay-based presentation queue.

My opinion is that the X server colour settings should apply to all VDPAU content (i.e. the overlay-based presentation queue is buggy, rather than the blit-based presentation queue), since the typical usage for the color adjustments is for display device gamma/... correction, which is equally required for all forms of content.

Either way, there's no way to "fix" the color adjustments not to apply to the blit-based presentation queue. It might be possible to fix the overlay-based presentation queue to apply the same colour adjustments; it's something we need to look into.
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