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Irwin Finster
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Default Xubuntu Nvidia won't recognize my monitor!


just installing xubuntu lucid on an older machine of mine. Everything runs smoothely until I install the nvidia drivers. They won't recognize my monitor and only allow my a 640x480 resolution.

I now thought that maybe I could simply copy the relevant lines for my monitor out of the xorg.conf before installing the drivers, and then past them back into the new xorg.conf. But I now found out after reinstalling that there is no xorg.conf in /etc/X11 before installing the nvidia drivers.

Can anyone help me?
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Default Re: Xubuntu Nvidia won't recognize my monitor!


probably your Monitor does not report correct EDID data.

Please read the sticky on how to generate a nvidia bug report and attach it here, so we can see whether this is the cause of your problems.

In that case you could

1) either provide a valid EDID file manually (see appendix b of the nvidia readme)

2) or provide the information in xorg.conf, as an example with modelines. `sudo nvidia-xconfig` will generate a skeleton xorg.conf for you, and there are applications like `gtf` that will help you with writing modelines.

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